That’s what you get for using beta versions (Qt)

I recently used the 4.7 beta version of Qt to start writing a User Interface for a program because I used Visual Studio 2010 for the backend and had higher hopes of getting VS2010 compatibility with Qt 4.7.

I very quickly ran into repainting issues when setting the [int stretch=0] Argument in QStatusBar to 1 or when using [ void addPermanentWidget(QWidget *widget) ]. Strangely I can’t recreate this mistakes on my desktop now (Win 7 64bit). But I fruitlessly spend hours trying to fix this problem on my laptop (Win 7 64bit). Turns out it’s a bug most likely. For one thing I can’t replicate the same behavior on my Desktop and this Problem doesn’t occur on the Laptop when I compile the exact same code against Qt 4.6. I haven’t reported this bug yet because I haven’t used the latest checkout to verify that it hasn’t yet been fixed and I probably won’t as it just takes too much time.

So the lesson learned here is: never use beta versions in production except when it’s just for a test. Even and especially if you’ve never had problems using beta versions before. Because if you’ve never had bugs in a beta you are very unlikely to blame it on a bug.

originally posted: 28.06.10 12:54